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When entering invoices in AP invoices we have limited digit space when entering the invoice number there is only 9 digits for the invoice number that show up on the check stub. Can you please change the digit space to 30. When we print checks the ...
Guest 6 days ago in Texada Web 0 Needs review

CAPS LOCK Always on

If the system could always be in CAPSLOCK whether it is on or not on the keyboard this will save a lot of retyping when sending emails and other work outside Texada that Capitals are not required.
Matt Schlosser 3 months ago in SRM 2 Will not implement

Electronic Signature for Work Orders and Work Order Estimates

Texada currently offers an electronic signature feature for rental contracts. This idea is to expand this feature to include Work Orders and Work Order Estimates. At our company, our service department takes in customer equipment to be repaired. I...
Guest 28 days ago in Texada Web 2 Needs more votes

Ability to disable the map in the tickets area

We find the map useless and shows incorrect information. Want the ability to disable as 1 takes up to much room and as is not utilised is frustrating to have to hide constantly during the course of the day.
Donna Smith-Hill 13 days ago in Texada Web 0 Needs review

Dimensions of equipment to appear on the delivery, Pick up and task window

Part of the National Heavey vehicle regulations within Australia is that we muse ensure we schedule equipment weights according the the truck size. If we don't know the truck being used we are to probide the measurements. The drivers are then resp...
Donna Smith-Hill 13 days ago in Texada Web 0 Needs review

Allow for the capture of Video on mobile during inspection forms

Currently mobile restricts users on Mobile to only allow for images to be captures. The system should allow for videos as well.
Alex Kress 2 months ago in Texada Mobile 0 Planned - to be scheduled

Please add excel output option to the Outstanding Checks Report

All reports should have excel output option
Guest 2 months ago in SRM 1 Needs more votes

The user is able to check an available only view in the asset list

today sometimes double selection required to get to the desired view. This is a side effect of displaying both the user and document statuses. This idea is to add a hotkey in web for available only - which would display all assets not on a docum...
John Hellens 20 days ago in Texada Web 0 Needs review

Ability to auto charge credit card fees on all document types if customer is paying by credit card

We want to consider charging credit card fees and would like to see an automated function developed for this where we can set a percentage fee in the back end of the system and then tick a box at the final screen of reservations, contracts and inv...
Amanda Craig 3 months ago in SRM 0 Needs more votes

Texada mobile users should be able to add Work Order Service Kits directly to a work order

Current work order service kits functionality only works in SRM, and only at SRM work order creation or Maintenance Scheduling WO creation. It would be very beneficial to allow Technicians to add kits directly to a work order instead of having to ...
Shane Hanks 5 months ago in Texada Mobile 0 Needs more votes